About The Event

Every child is timetabled for 6 teaching sessions each day. Classes start at 9.00 am and finish by 4.00 pm. Children are allocated groups appropriate for their current age and level.

These will include:

Tonalisation – a great way to start the day! Tonalisation is the term created by Shinichi Suzuki to describe the development of beautiful tone, and these sessions will get you warmed up and ready to go each morning.

Masterclasses – during these lessons, teachers work with up to 4 children, one at a time. The teacher will concentrate on refining technical and musical points in the child’s playing, using their current repertoire. This format enables children and parents to learn from the individual tuition of other children.

Group lessons – develop ability, musicianship and performance skills through the review of past repertoire and creative games and activities.

Playtogethers – build confidence and performance ability through the joy of playing together as part of a large group.

Mini Workshop – the mini workshop will run between 9.00am and 1:00pm each day and is open to under 5s who are Pre-twinkle or in book 1. They will have 3 sessions: a Masterclass, group lesson and musicianship.

Suzuki ECE – there will be a Suzuki ECE baby music class every day for 0-4 year olds. 

All children have access to creative activities and park facilities outside lesson time.

Performances – every child is given a public platform to perform a polished concert piece in one of the lunchtime concerts. Music worked on in the group classes is performed at the final concert.

For parents – inspirational parent talks will be given each afternoon. There will also be the chance for parents to play in larger group classes, and opportunities for informal music-making together, so if you’d like, do bring your instrument with you!