Suzuki Early Childhood Education

Suzuki Early Childhood Education is a weekly interactive music and movement class for caregivers and their children (age 0-3). SECE classes seek to build on the child’s natural delight in learning and lay the foundation for lifelong learning. Through parent participation in prenatal, baby and toddler classes, parents become partners in providing an enriched environment for the growth of their children.


There are currently two classes running in the Midlands:

Bearwood Suzuki Group (Mae & Sarah Eastwood) Monday mornings 10am
or register for the Spring Term 2024 here

Sutton Coldfield SECE (Kristal Adamson & Felicity Harrison) Thursday mornings 10:30am

What to expect

Our small, mixed age music classes for newborns through to three year olds meet weekly for an hour class led by two trained SECE teachers. Parent or caregiver and child explore the beautiful curriculum through singing, dancing, playing authentic musical instruments, reciting nursery rhymes, marching, twirling, counting, taking turns, reading and listening. ​​The outcomes of these activities include increased vocabulary, positive social behaviour, sensitive group participation, and the ability to listen at an early age.

At the end of each class, parents take time to reflect and write observations about their own child’s development and successes that day. Parents become expert observers of their children, and enjoy watching as they gradually begin to imitate their actions, and gain confidence. This process is one to be celebrated as each new development is observed – just as you do when your baby utters those first words.

Repetition is key to mastering any skill, so in order for the songs, rhymes and variety of other skills to be mastered, the classes operate on a biweekly schedule. Grown-ups can often think that small children can become bored with the same songs, but this is not the case at all. Children love repetition and by building on what they know already greater skill will come.

Our primary goal as Suzuki ECE teachers is to help our parents embrace and expand the loving bond between themselves and their child through music, whilst giving the children their first amazing taste of music. We prepare not only the child but also the parent for further musical education so that at the age of 3 or 4 years old they are ready to begin their exciting journey of individual instrumental instruction.


What to do next

Please email the contact for the class you would like to join. Booking is essential. You are welcome to join our classes at any time throughout the year.